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The darkness descends
and I see myself standing beside you,
wings fluttering, face beaming,
words full of those carefully-crafted promises
you’ve always seemed to bring.

You point and the path seems ominous somehow,
the lattice seemed lit in sporadic manner and yet not,
there’s a randomness to it but even that is periodic,
to some end I think I see but really cannot.

Each time brings me to this point,
to think whether to stay here or move somehow;
rooted on my spot or take a step now,
to watch you go away to the distant point alone
like I do, every single time,
or float along with you and be done of this dream,
finally, conclusively, once and for all.

So, my friends and I were killing time waiting for the Tokyo Dome to open its gates for the Aerosmith concert, just walking around Tokyo Dome City and checking if there’s a shop we could go to check stuff out at. Then I saw this, I don’t even know what this kind of structure is called, like maybe a walkway with arches or something? Anyway, Japanese people are quite fascinated with lighting up stuff like maple leaves, trees, bushes, et cetera (they usually call it “Illumination”). This one was well-done, I thought, because the visual appeal was just off the charts that I let my friends walk away and I just kind stood there, looking at the awesome geometric patterns and the awesome lighting and thought, “wow, this would make for a very dramatic photo right now, only if someone actually is right there in the middle …” Lo and behold, two people actually walked right past me and onwards to the center of the perspective lines. Ready, aim, fire, plug into computer, run black and white conversion, and voila — this shot was made.